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ITRI International Inc. (San Jose, California), a subsidiary of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) headquartered in Taiwan, engages in early-stage incubation, R&D collaboration, contracted research, technology transfer, IP business, recruiting, and high-level training. ITRI International Inc. is set to be a bridge for organizations in North America, Taiwan, and, to some extent, elsewhere in the world to leverage different regional advantages and local innovation clusters for win-win cross-region technology and business collaboration to create and augment value beyond region boundary.

Located in Silicon Valley, the global center of innovation, entrepreneurship, venture capital, and high-tech industry clusters, ITRI International Inc. works closely with ITRI and industrial clients/partners in Taiwan and elsewhere to network and collaborate with leading universities, research institutes, startups, enterprises, venture capital firms, technology development and industry associations in North America. Through ITRI International Inc., clients/partners in North America can leverage the multidisciplinary development capabilities and in-house technologies at ITRI as well as the vast and high-quality supply network of various industrial clusters in Taiwan to accelerate the value creation process. 

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