Innovations & Applications

  • Smart Living
  • Quality Health
  • Sustainable Environment

Venture Acceleration
Since 2006, ITRI International Inc. has incubated, physically and virtually, over 30 Silicon Valley startups, some have developed their technologies with ITRI, successfully launched their products, continued growing and exited. When appropriate, the affiliated startups are introduced to ITIC, ITRI’s venture arm, and/or other VCs. Further development and commercialization efforts can be conveniently arranged at ITRI’s Open Lab in Taiwan to leverage the facilities, technologies, and R&D strength at ITRI and to be close to the market dynamics of new applications in Asia. 

R&D Collaboration
The strength in fundamental research in universities and research institutes can be complimented by ITRI’s applied research capabilities. ITRI International Inc. facilitates R&D collaboration between ITRI and partners in North America. Collaborating parties contribute researchers, including exchange of long-term visits, and resources to work on important and interesting projects and share the IP co-developed. ITRI International Inc. also involves in the engagement of international industrial partners for the participation of various R&D consortia, such as 3D IC focused Ad-STAC and OLED Lighting Commercialization Alliance, anchored by ITRI. 

Contracted Research
ITRI International Inc. promotes contracted research projects for many major corporations and small firms, in Silicon Valley and beyond, to leverage ITRI’s development capabilities and facilities in electronics, optoelectronics, information and communication, display, materials and chemicals, nanotechnology, advanced manufacturing, medical devices, water treatment, energy efficiency, etc. 

Technology Transfer and Licensing
ITRI International Inc. works with ITRI in mostly out-bound technology licensing and transfer. 

Recruiting and High-Level Training
Working at ITRI is a rewarding experience for people in different career stage–from new graduates to semi-retirees. ITRI International Inc. assists ITRI in recruiting all year round. For training ITRI staff as well as industrial partners, ITRI International Inc. has designed and executed “elite program” which brought outstanding researchers from Taiwan to SRI International for value creation training and then to meet with best minds in innovation, entrepreneurship, and management in Silicon Valley. Starting from 2011, ITRI International Inc. offers a program for selected group of senior management and medical professionals to better understand and connected to all aspects of innovation and value chain in medical device sector.