Collaboration and Innovation Practice

Joint Research

ITRI teams up with internationally renowned universities, R&D institutes or enterprises to conduct joint research to develop breakthrough foresight technologies.

Technology Transfer

ITRI introduces IPs that add value to ITRI’s existing technologies or IP portfolios to help upgrade Taiwan’s industries and strengthen their position in the market. ITRI transfers its technologies to domestic or international enterprises to meet their demand for internationalization.

Contract Service

ITRI undertakes strategic/industrial consulting services contracted by international enterprises. Projects as such encourage ITRI’s R&D units, domestic companies and industrial associations to stay current with global trends.

Testing and Verification

ITRI provides professional inspection, calibration, measurement, testing, and verification services. ITRI’s testing laboratories meet international standards and inspection quality norms, and the test reports are considered highly trustworthy.

Pilot Production and Value-added Services

Prior to product commercialization, ITRI provides pilot production and value-added services, including manufacturing process verification, product development, and production of semi-finished products. Our partners can carry out pilot production on test production lines at ITRI, during which potential risks associated with mass production can be assessed in advanced.

Prototyping & Manufacturing

The objective of this service is to help business partners bridge the gap between R&D and creation of a final product. ITRI can provide services including prototyping and manufacturing, and encompass related issues such as reliability testing, integration of components, new product development, trial products, improving manufacturing processes, and work safety testing.